Need Help Choosing the Right Spares for Your Water Pump? Read This Guide

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Like other mechanical equipment, water pumps can fail because of faulty or worn parts. When this happens, parts replacement will be needed to get the pumps running again. Whether you need new bearings, a pair of valve seating joints, impellers or a full gasket set, it's important to choose the correct spares. The following buying guide is designed to make it easier for you to find the right spare parts for your water pump. 

Search by Brand

There are so many water pump spare parts suppliers out there, but not all deal in products from all pump manufacturers. When searching for your spare parts supplier, narrow down your search to suppliers that stock spare parts for your specific pump brand. Searching for replacement parts by pump brand will reduce the risk of buying parts designed for a different pump. 

Know Your Pump Details

Pump manufacturers usually make different types of pumps. Before you shop for spares for your water pump, you should all the information about it. Some of the key criteria to understand include when your pump was manufactured, the maximum pressure and flow your pump can generate, its horsepower and the amount of power it needs to operate.

Learning as much as possible about your pump sets the basis for choosing compatible replacement parts. 

Search for the Part You Need

Usually, you'll find many different types of spare parts listed under the 'spare parts' section of prospective suppliers' websites. Browse through the entire list to find what you're looking for, or you can simply type it in the 'search' section and press 'Enter'. 

Once you find the part you need, look for additional information about it and see if the information matches what's included in your owner's manual. If it's an exact match, consider the price. It's a good idea to look for different suppliers and compare their prices. 

Make Your Order

If you've found the part you need and the price is right, you can make your order. But before doing this, make sure you've reviewed your spare parts supplier's terms and conditions. If they don't have a return policy for sold parts, you should treat that as a red flag.

If you're still unsure about selecting replacement parts for your water pump yourself, you should consider seeking assistance from a water pump products expert. They can guide you through the entire process so you can get it right the first time. For more information on finding Grundfos water pump spares, contact your local supplier today.