Important Things You Should Know About Boat Trimming

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A boat is trimmed to improve handling, performance, visibility, efficiency and comfort. It also promotes safety, which makes it something that you have to do, meaning trimming is not something you get to decide not to do. Anything done to avoid an accident must be seen through.

A correctly trimmed boat provides a comfortable boat ride and an efficient running angle. You will experience a reduction in the amount of hull in the water, which creates drag and an increase in mileage. The following are important aspects you need to know about boat trimming.

How Do You Know Your Boat Needs Trimming?

If your boat runs with its bow pointing skywards, such that you find your visibility forward compromised or your hull pounding, your boat needs trimming.

If your boat's bow plows through the water and pushes heaps of spray up in a manner that puts your safety at risk because you cannot effectively control the boat, you also need trimming.

An extreme case of either of the above situations can lead to swamping. This is when a boat fills with water, leading to capsizing or sinking. Broaching can also occur and throw passengers into the water if there is a huge wave.

What Should You Do to Ensure Your Boat Is Trimmed Correctly?

Weight distribution is the most crucial factor in guaranteeing correct trimming. Before boat trimming begins, ensure that your boat is parallel to the waterline. This means that every load on the boat should be stored correctly to even out the boat. When storing the materials, ensure that they do not move around when the boat is moving. Additionally, when you have people on board, ensure you inform them where to stand or sit to avoid an uneven boat.

To DIY or Have a Professional Trim Your Boat?

You don't want to go wrong with trimming because even though you might be safer in calm onshore water, you might not be that safe in offshore water. If you doubt your boat trimming skills, go with a professional. It won't cost you much and it will ensure your boat does not capsize. Additionally, it offers a comfortable ride.

This being the case, you still need to know how to trim your boat if it is fitted with an engine power trim and tilt because sometimes when you are offshore, you might need to make adjustments based on the wind, wave chops, ocean current and ocean swells.

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