Why Fit Natural Stone For Your Kitchen Worktops?

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Although there are many other types of material you can have kitchen worktops made from, there is nothing that can truly compare to a natural stone benchtop. While other options also often look very good, you can always detect the difference with a true natural stone benchtop installation. Why will natural stone be such a good option?

The Feel of Natural Stone

When you think about your kitchen's worktop, you realise they are not simply things that you will look at, like the doors and sides of your kitchen cabinets. They are parts of the kitchen, like cupboard door handles, that you will come into regular physical contact with. Therefore, you don't just want something that looks good but feels good, too. When you have a natural stone benchtop fitted, you can feel the difference in quality — a solid work surface that oozes quality from every pore.

Little Maintenance

Although it should be noted that most natural stone is porous, it is highly resistant to water and splashes. Indeed, many types of stone you can opt for are porous to a virtually negligible degree. Therefore, you should not be put off natural stone benchtops because you think that they are going to take a great deal of looking after. Unlike wooden benchtops, you won't need to treat them with a waterproof coating every couple of years. All you need to do is to wipe your benchtop down once in a while to reveal the stunning appearance of the natural stone beneath any spilt items that may occur here and there.

Lots of Choices

It is worth remembering that natural stone is not one material but many. You can find a natural stone that will look good in any interior design setting. Anything from deep grey granites to sparkling quartzes are available from natural stone benchtop suppliers. Perhaps you want to explore the other possibilities, such as marble, which is often regarded as one of the best performers for heat-resistance? Onyx is also increasingly popular in Australian kitchen designs because it has a highly reflective quality. This makes it a superb option if you are also considering fitting under-cabinet LED lights. There again, travertine offers a warm, Italian-style look that is ideal in rustic kitchen designs. With natural stone, you can achieve any look you are after. 

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