Two factors business owners should consider when ordering their staff's workwear

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Here are two factors business owners need to consider when ordering their staff's workwear.

How often will their staff need to wash and dry their workwear?

One important thing that a business owner must consider in this situation is how frequently their staff members will need to wash and dry their workwear. If their staff handle food or drink (in, for example, a restaurant kitchen, a bakery or a pub) and do lots of active work tasks, then they'll probably need to wash their work clothes very regularly, due to food and drink getting spilt on their garments and engaging in work that will make them sweat.

In this situation, the business owner may need to splurge on extra durable workwear so that, for example, the garments won't develop bobbles or fade in colour if they're washed a lot. Ideally, the workwear a business owner like this orders should also be tumble-dryer-friendly so that if, for example, a staff member gets a stain on their work shirt at the end of one shift, and they need to wear that shirt again for their next shift the following morning, they'll be able to get the shirt washed and dried quickly in their dryer.

The temperature of the work environment

Business owners should also think about the temperature of the work environment before they order any workwear. If for example, their staff regularly need to go back and forth from the premises' interior to its exterior throughout the day (if for instance, they work in a restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating areas for the customers), then they might appreciate having work outfits that consist of layering pieces (such as a blouse and a blazer or jumper) so they can put on an extra layer when they need to go outside on cold days and can remove a layer to cool down when working indoors on warm days.

Additionally, if the business premises get very warm, even with its air conditioner running (this can happen in, for example, factories, where there is a lot of machinery producing heat and steam), the business owner should ensure that their staff's workwear is made mostly from breathable cotton or linen, as these materials will help staff members to not feel too warm in these conditions. If on the other hand, the work premises tend to be quite cold, the business owner should consider giving their staff workwear that is made from insulating materials such as wool.

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