Why Choose Stencils Over Marking Tape for Your Facility?

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If you need to mark off areas of a parking lot or the interior area of a production facility or warehouse, you might be tempted to use marking tape as a quick and easy fix. This works like regular tape to mark off areas with lines of various colors and styles. However, line marking stencils are always a good choice, either with standard paint you roll on or with spray-paint. Note why line marking stencils can be better than any type of tape when it comes to making marks in your facility.

Side of vehicles

A line marking stencil can be used on flat ground surfaces but also on the side of vehicles, including trucks and forklifts. You can use line stencils with glow-in-the-dark paint to mark off the side of large trucks, to make them safer when in your facility at night. Vehicle marking can help warehouse personnel avoid collisions with forklifts and can make vehicle or forklift more visible when being used outside during inclement weather.

Using tape for this purpose can mean a very poor quality job, as the tape might start to separate while a vehicle is on the road or when exposed to rain, snow, and the like. It may also be easy for vandals to peel away this tape. Stencils with actual paint are then a better option for when you want to create safety lines or warnings on a truck or other vehicle.

No waste

While you can remove tape that you use to mark off a parking lot of vehicle when it's time for new marking, this can mean a tremendous amount of waste. The tape used for marking a lot or vehicle is not always recyclable, so it simply winds up in a landfill. However, using stencils means being able to cover over a mark and create a new mark without all that waste, for a more eco-friendly choice.

Even application over an uneven surface

Very often, the surface of a parking lot or even an interior floor can be very uneven; asphalt and concrete with an aggregate can be bumpy or cracked in certain areas, or have deep pits and gouges. Trying to set down tape over these uneven surfaces can result in an uneven line, as the tape sinks and sags or juts up in certain spots. In turn, the line may become interrupted or the tape may separate from the surface. Paint used with a line marking stencil will fill in those areas and still create a smooth, even line without separating.

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