Shelters You Could Consider For Your Patio

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An attractive option for homeowners seeking to create an exterior living area is the construction of a patio. This extra space not only makes it easy to entertain your guests or have somewhere to relax and enjoy the outdoors, but it also boosts the value of your property if you choose to sell it down the road. However, Australian summers can be quite scorching, and it would be prudent to erect a shelter that would provide shade for your patio. Below are a few different types of shelters that you could consider for your patio.

Retractable canopy

These types of shelters are characterised by having their material wound around a roller, which is mounted at the top of the patio. With a retractable canopy, you have the flexibility to control the amount of shade that you patio receives as it can be adjusted to different lengths. If you would like increased illumination, you could keep the shelter closed. Conversely, if you would prefer maximum coverage, you could extend the canopy fully. Retractable canopies can be operated both manually as well as automatically. Thus, your choice would depend on how convenient you would like the shelter to be. One thing to note when buying a retractable canopy is to ensure you have the measurements of your patio at hand to make sure that it will be the right size for your structure.

Drawstring canopies

This type of shelter is built directly into the frame of your patio, so the shelter does not need additional space for it to be erected. The shelter is then suspended from multiple wires, which the contractors will stretch over the length of the patio frame. A drawstring is then passed through some pulleys to facilitate the opening and closing of the canopy. A single drawstring canopy is sufficient or average sized patios, but if you have a large exterior living space, you may have to consider investing in a couple of drawstring canopies to ensure that the shelter will be adequate.

Concertina screens

These shelters are characterised by having multiple panels that are assembled to block out the sunlight. Concertina screens are an ideal option for homeowners looking to add a rustic appeal to their patio as they are typically made from natural materials such as rattan. The lightweight nature of the concertina screens ensures that your patio stays well ventilate while protecting you from the glaring sun. Nevertheless, this type of shelter would not be ideal if you were looking for protection against inclement weather.