What to Ask a Taxi Company When Making Reservations For a Business Trip

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When planning a business trip for yourself, or if you will be hosting business clients or customers from out of town, you may find it more convenient to reserve a cab than to rent a car. With a cab, you won't need to worry about finding parking or paying parking fees and can be picked up and dropped off at the front door of your hotel or office building. It can also be cheaper to pay for a cab for quick trips back and forth between a hotel and office building than renting a car that you will rarely use. When you are ready to make a reservation for yourself or out-of-town guests, note a few quick questions to ask:

Always ask the number of people the cab can accommodate

If you're travelling with a group or need to make a reservation for more than one or two persons, ask how many people can be accommodated in the cab. A cab's backseat may not legally allow more than two persons, depending on the number of working seat belts the vehicle has, and if it's a very compact car, and some cabs don't allow front seat passengers. You may need to rent a town car instead of a standard cab if there are more than one or two persons in your party.

Ask about added fees, such as for luggage or soiling the cab

If you or someone in your party will be bringing prototypes, bulky items or will have an excessive number of bags, ask about added fees for luggage. You might also note if they would charge a fee for soiling the cab; if so, leave your coffee and lunch behind! A simple food spill can turn into a major cost when renting a cab, so ask about this ahead of time and make your plans accordingly.

Ask if they offer fixed fares

A fixed fare is one set price for your destination. This can ensure that the driver won't take "the long way around," just to tack on extra miles or kilometres to raise your price. However, you might not be allowed to ask the cab to wait for you, if you need to run quick errands on the way to your destination, even stopping for coffee on the way to your business office. If you might need to make any type of stops during your trip, compare the cost per mile or kilometre to the fixed fare, and note which might be cheaper and a better option for you.

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