Things to Consider When Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring

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Are you about to make a major leap in your life and ask that lucky person to spend the rest of their life with you? The most popular way of asking is by using a diamond engagement ring. While this seems like an easy task where you walk into a jewellery store, point at a ring and ask the jeweller to throw it in a bag, it is always a good bet to have a bit of background information on diamond rings. Not only will this help you choose a better engagement ring, it will also earn you points when you finally pop the question. Below are some items to consider while shopping for a diamond ring.

Choosing a shape — After planning out a budget, the shape is the first thing about the diamond you need to consider. Diamonds do come in various shapes.

The most popular choice is the round diamond due to its brilliance, reflective performance and fire. It offers the maximum sparkle but at higher price than all other shapes

Second in popularity are princess diamonds, which offer impressive classic settings and at a lower price than a round diamond. There are also cushion diamonds that are ideal for vintage settings and radiant diamonds that offer an alternative to princess and radiant diamonds but have a rectangular shape while still maintaining the stunning appearance.

Furthermore, Asscher-cut and emerald-cut diamonds offer a step cut but emit less light and sparkle than round diamonds.

Lastly, unique shapes such as oval, Marquise and pear-shaped diamonds have the same brilliance as the others but often appear larger from the top due to their distinctive shapes.

Choosing a cut — When it comes quality, the cut is the most important characteristic as the workmanship and brilliance produced give the diamond life and colour. Cuts are graded, and each grade is proportioned according to the return of maximum possible light and detail in dimensions. Higher graded cuts maximise the beauty for each given weight.

Colour and clarity — Colourless or clear diamonds are the most popular with individuals as they appear more elegant and of better quality. They are graded from grade J to D where most engagement rings fall between F and H.

The clarity of a diamond may be the last characteristic to check for as it is almost impossible to see the differences in inclusions with the naked eye.