Two Tips to Keep in Mind if You've Just Purchased New Office Equipment

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If you have bought several new pieces of office equipment for your business premises, the advice presented here could help you to keep these valuable goods in excellent condition and to maximise their usefulness.

Don't put equipment near your office's drink vending machine or office kitchenette

Unless your business premises are tiny, and you, therefore, have no other choice but to squeeze the new shredder, projector or printer into the empty space beside the drink vending machine or the office's kitchenette, then you should try to put them far away from these items.

If there are people milling around, sipping on hot drinks or opening cans of fizzy liquids near the new office equipment, the chances of these liquids being spilt or sprayed all over the documents that are being copied or printed on these devices will be very high. This could result in employees having to reprint or re-copy documents; this would not only consume more of their time but would also use up more of the office's expensive toner and electricity.

Write up a detailed equipment maintenance guide

Office equipment that is properly maintained is more likely to run efficiently, have a long lifespan and not develop the kind of defects that take lots of time to fix. As such, if your business's daily operations are dependent upon the equipment you have purchased, then you must maintain it. The best way to make sure this maintenance work gets done is to write a detailed equipment maintenance guide specifying which tasks that must periodically be performed on each piece of office equipment, and then laminate it and post it on the wall of your office so that everyone can access and see it.

Being clear about what each maintenance task entails — such as stating that the photocopier needs to have its glass dusted, its drum cleaned and its fuser component oiled — will ensure that it is done correctly by whichever employees are asked to do it without them having to consult you or their colleagues first. Putting the guide up on the wall, where all of your employees can see it, will ensure that it serves as a daily reminder to keep on top of the tasks printed on it.

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